A message from UEP Farmer-Members

October 1, 2020

A message from UEP Farmer-Members,

During these uncertain times, we want you to know we continue to be here for you. We care about our consumers, and we are committed to assuring an available supply of safe, nutritious eggs.

Keeping our employees and their loved ones healthy during this time matters. We have put additional measures in place, using guidance issued by the CDC and state public health authorities to ensure a safe, clean and healthy workplace for employees.

Because farms are biosecure locations, our practices include comprehensive cleaning and disinfection, frequent hand sanitizing and hand washing. Masks and other protective gear are provided to employees, and visitors to our farms are limited.

Caring for our hens remains a priority, assuring they have a ready supply of nutritious feed and fresh water, as well as excellent care. Our trained animal welfare workers and veterinary experts remain on our farms caring for our flocks.

We are aware some Americans have faced empty store shelves and egg cases during this pandemic, and we understand you have concerns. UEP’s farmer-members are committed to producing a consistent supply of eggs. That is our responsibility as food producers, and a way we can care for our communities during this time.

We are lifting up prayers for our nation’s healthcare workers, first responders, and others on the front lines, as well as for our country and all those around the world who are affected by COVID-19. On behalf of the U.S. egg farming community, we wish you, your families and loved ones, safety and health during this difficult time.