AEB Measures Consumer Sentiment

April 4, 2019

After Northwestern University published findings from a study linking eggs to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, the American Egg Board (AEB) conducted market research on consumers’ intent to eat eggs.  Key findings are below:

  • Three-fourths of Americans (77%) say they are not limiting eating eggs due to health concerns, while 78% are not concerned about the impact of eggs on their health.
  • 25% of consumers reported seeing eggs in recent news
    • Of those, 82% said the news was about health information
  • Of those who reported seeing the egg news
    • 56% said it had no impact
    • 27% said it actually had a positive impact
    • 17% said it had a negative impact
  • The 17% who said the news had a negative impact were more likely to be infrequent egg-eaters (less than weekly)

Overall, most Americans agree that eggs are safe to eat (82%), which is a slight increase from April 2018 (78%).