Compassion Over Killing Releases Undercover Video from a Broiler Plant

November 29, 2018

An undercover video captured at Amick Farms in Maryland was released claiming to show issues related to newly approved broiler plant line run speeds, which recently went from 140 birds/minute to 175 birds/minute. This story was picked up in the mainstream press in the United States and Europe.  In a statement to the Washington Post, Ben Harrison, Amick Farms President, indicated the video is “surreptitious, [and a] highly edited video.”  But Harrison also noted, “Some of the actions in the video are clear violations of our animal welfare policies and our company values. We are taking all appropriate actions, including but not limited to, further training, swift disciplinary action, and a more rigorous approach to ensuring compliance with our policies for the humane handling of our birds.”  The video has resulted in a USDA investigation of the plant.

Additional details are in Washington Post and ASPCA articles.