EPA preserves use of effective and essential layer house insecticide – for now

December 9, 2021

EPA has delayed its final decision on disallowing aerial applications of pyrethrins and associated “synergistic” products that are commonly the cornerstone of fly control programs in layer and other livestock and poultry houses.  All indications point to the comments and detailed information EPA received as the reason for delaying the decision until 2024.

Earlier this year, EPA proposed banning pyrethrins’ aerial application methods. UEP, others in animal agriculture, insect control scientists and practitioners, and USDA all submitted comments ensuring EPA had factual information and science about the importance of pyrethrin and its safe usage practices.

EPA announced the delay on December 2 when it released its new schedule for certain statutorily required reconsiderations of approved pesticides and their uses. Solid information supplied by UEP members supported UEP’s comments.

Pesticide policy experts tell UEP that all of the new information submitted will likely lead EPA to decide to continue allowing these uses of pyrethrin, in 2024. Staff and consultants will remain engaged with EPA staff through this process to ensure they have the information required to make the correct decision.