Excellent dialogue at UEP’s area briefings

August 31, 2017

Nearly 300 egg farmers and allied industry representatives participated in the UEP Area briefings, held in in late August in Atlanta, Ga.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Columbus, Ohio; Des Moines, Iowa; Sacramento, Calif.; and Seattle, Wash. The open discussion, insightful comments and thoughtful questions provided a productive dialogue for UEP move forward and represent the best interests of egg farmers on several issues.

With the Area Chairman presiding and UEP staff Chad Gregory and Oscar Garrison sharing updates, the following topics were covered at each briefing.

  • Animal welfare, UEP Certified and cage-free transitions
  • Food safety
  • Environment – CERCLA/EPCRA and WOTUS updates
  • Organic rule update
  • Government relations issues
  • Animal health and biosecurity
  • UEP strategic plan discussion
  • EGGPAC report
  • Area nominations to the UEP Board

The area briefings are a perfect occasion to share the most vital issues facing the egg communities, and most importantly, allow members to voice feedback to UEP staff. These issues, and more, will be thoroughly discussed at upcoming UEP’s Annual Board Meeting and Executive Conference, October 17-20 in Nashville, Tenn.

Photo: UEP members and allied representatives engaged with UEP staff on key issues during the area briefing in Des Moines, Iowa, on August 29.

*CERCLA-EPCRA = Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act - Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act. WOTUS = Waters of the U.S.