Hickman’s Compliance Officer recognized by SQFI

November 5, 2020

Shari Yeatts, compliance manager at Hickman’s Family Farms, has been named Safe Quality Food Institutes (SQFI) Practitioner of the Year in the SQFI 2020 Quality Achievement Awards. Yeatts was hired by Hickman’s in 2009 to research the FDA’s Egg Safety Rule and write and implement the Salmonella Enteritidis Egg Safety Plan. Through continuing education and networking with other food safety professionals, Yeatts took on additional roles, including HACCP Coordinator, Food Defense Coordinator, management of the UEP Certified Animal Welfare program and SQF Program Manager.

Yeatts states, “Just being good enough is not a viable strategy. Hickman’s decision to be recognized as a global leader in food safety led them to select me to build the team and SQFI as the core competency.  Everyone from line workers to ownership, the team, is committed to food safety.”

The SQFI Quality Achievement Awards Program celebrates the accomplishments of industry champions. Individuals are selected for their outstanding commitment, support, and contribution to improving the SQF Program and enriching the food safety community.