House Ag to mark up spending bill

September 9, 2021

The House Agriculture Committee will consider its portion of Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package this Friday. The budget resolution instructs the Agriculture Committee to add $89.1 billion in spending over the years 2022-2030.

The budget resolution assumes the committee will legislate in the following areas.

  • Agriculture conservation, drought, and forestry programs to help reduce carbon emissions and prevent wildfires
  • Rural development and rural co-op clean energy investments
  • Agricultural climate research and research infrastructure
  • Civilian Climate Corps funding
  • Debt relief

In the Senate, the Agriculture Committee will also consider child nutrition spending, but that falls under a different committee in the House. The topics for the legislation are not binding on the House Agriculture Committee. The committee could choose to add other subjects, or not act on some of the listed items. The only constraint is that all parts of the committee’s bill must be under its official jurisdiction. Votes in the Agriculture Committee, as in other panels, are likely to fall along party lines.