House Democrat Release Ambitious Climate Action Plan to Solve the “Climate Crisis”

July 9, 2020

The House Democrats Select Committee on the Climate Crisis released its “Solving the Climate Crisis” roadmap on June 30.  Work on this document began last summer, and its release has been anticipated for several months.

According to the Select Committee, its 547-page plan is filled with “detailed, ambitious and actionable climate solutions” that generally involve federal programs that Congress should enact or change.

In the area of agriculture, the roadmap has almost 40 substantive policy proposals covering such areas as increasing carbon sequestration in agricultural soils, building resilience, reducing agricultural emissions of methane and nitrous oxide, renewable energy on the farm and other measures.

The roadmap includes several “environmental justice proposals,” one of which is in the agricultural section. That proposal would create a federal, state, local and stakeholder commission that would develop proposals to create an “equitable and just, climate-friendly food system.”

No serious legislative activity associated with this roadmap is expected in Congress this year, but there will be a concerted push on such legislation in 2021.  Contact UEP staff if you have questions or would like more information.