Japanese Agricultural Delegation Visits UEP

September 5, 2019

Photo (left to right): Mary Alice Cain, Kumiko Nagamachi, Masahiro Takeuchi, Chad Gregory, Atsunori Yagi, Tsuyoshi Shimmura

On September 3, four representatives from Japan’s egg, poultry and livestock sectors met with Chad Gregory at the UEP headquarters to learn more about the opportunities and challenges facing the egg industry in the U.S.

Masahiro Takeuchi, President, accompanied by Kumiko Nagamachi, represented ISHII CO., LTC. In business since 1969. Visitors also included Tsuyoshi Shimmura, Associate Professor at the Tokyo University Institute of Agriculture and Technology and Atsunori Yagi, General Manager of Animal Welfare at the Japan Livestock Technology Association.  Mary Alice Cain from USA Poultry & Egg Export Council, also attended. After meeting at UEP, the delegation toured Country Charm Egg Farm in Gillsville, Georgia.