Japanese Agricultural Delegation visits UEP

September 20, 2017

On September 20, five representatives from Japan’s egg, poultry and livestock sectors met with Chad Gregory at the UEP headquarters to learn more about the opportunities and challenges facing the egg industry in the United States. “I appreciated the time to collaborate with Japan’s industry leaders and discuss solutions to animal welfare, biosecurity, food safety and other issues faced in both the U.S. and Japan,” said Gregory, UEP President and CEO.

Masahiro Takeuchi, President, accompanied by Maaya Tanigawa, represented ISHII CO., LTC. In business since 1969, ISHII’s corporate mission is to focus on environmental preservation and animal welfare. The company has pioneered the development of equipment and products enabling breeding facility improvements and healthier chicks. Visitors also included Tsuyoshi Shimmura, Associate Professor at the Tokyo University Institute of Agriculture and Technology; Atsunori Yagi, General Manager of Animal Welfare at the Japan Livestock Technology Association; and Yoichi Yamamoto, Director General of the Okazaki Station, National Livestock Breeding Center. They ended the day with visits to two grocery retailers, enabling the visitors to see how eggs are marketed to consumers in the U.S.

Photo (left to right): Maaya Tanigawa, Masahiro Takeuchi, Chad Gregory, Tsuyoshi Shimmura, Atsunori Yagi, and Yoichi Yamamoto