Joint Scientific Advisory – Animal Welfare Producer meeting

February 6, 2020

UEP’s independent Scientific Advisory Committee met with UEP’s Animal Welfare Producer Committee on January 29. This is the third year the two committees have met during IPPE to review new research and implement best practices for continuous improvement of the UEP Certified program.

Dr. Joy Mench (center) surrounded by members of the SAC and Animal Welfare committees

During the meeting, committee members honored Dr. Joy Mench, who is retiring from the Scientific Advisory Committee. UEP President Chad Gregory applauded her contribution stating, “Dr. Mench has served on this independent scientific advisory committee since the beginning, more than 20 years.  She was, and still is, a renowned world expert in poultry welfare.  She has dedicated a tremendous amount of time, work and passion to UEP and the Certified Program through the years.  Speaking on behalf of UEP and the many egg producers that have worked with Dr. Mench, we want to thank her for everything she has done and wish her all the best in retirement.”