Newcastle on the Decline

April 18, 2019

Cases of reported virulent Newcastle Disease (vND) have been declining since USDA announced the availability of $45 million to combat the spread of the disease.  On April 1, the first Arizona case was confirmed in Coconino in a backyard flock.  Since then, only seven new cases have been detected in the southern California area hardest hit by this outbreak.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), along with the California Poultry Federation, has hosted workshops to inform bird owners of the risk posed by the virus and ways to prevent further spread of the disease.  The Pacific Egg and Poultry Association along with CDFA and others will be hosting an industry meeting later this week.

Since the first detection on May 18, 2018, USDA has confirmed 417 cases of vND in California, including 129 in San Bernardino County, 244 in Riverside County, 42 in Los Angeles County, one in Ventura County, and one in Alameda County.  USDA also confirmed one case in Utah County.