Organic soybean meal penalized

November 4, 2021

The Commerce Department made a preliminary finding that organic soybean meal from India is dumped or sold at less than fair value. The discovery is in addition to an earlier finding that India subsidizes organic soybean meal. Depending on the seller, the amount by which sales were less than fair value – also called the “dumping margin” – was from just over 3% to just under 19%.

Cash deposits in anticipation of anti-dumping duties or tariffs will be collected on some imports in addition to duties to offset the subsidies (usually called “countervailing duties”) that are being collected already. For those imports subject to the 3 % duty, an adjustment for countervailing duties on the same merchandise means no cash deposit for dumping will be required.

Commerce will eventually make final findings for dumping and subsidies, which could change the amounts collected. In addition, the independent U.S. International Trade Commission must find that the U.S. organic soybean meal industry has been injured in order for the duties to remain in place. In the event the USITC found no injury, duties would be refunded.