Permitting during HPAI

April 7, 2022

The permitting process is an essential component that must be tackled to move forward in an HPAI outbreak. If a farm is positive or located in a control zone, permits will be required for any movement on or off the farm. To ensure indemnity, the farm must follow all permitting processes. Successfully navigating the permitting process can help minimize the impact of HPAI on a farm.

There are over 50 different HPAI related documents and forms to review, though not all will be relevant to every operation. Waiting until an outbreak to become familiar with these documents could be overwhelming. Consider the following steps to prepare:

  • Designate a single person skilled in navigating government processes to organize and manage the permitting process. This will allow the person to learn the process, identify the best contacts within the different government agencies and develop a working relationship with these individuals.
  • Check permitting requirements and ensure the latest guidance is used. Permitting changes and updates are made regularly.
  • Before an incident, review the permit documents that will be required and know who to contact within USDA-APHIS, your state, and locally. If product is to be moved across a state line, additional state(s) permitting will likely be needed. Often the best starting point is to contact is the state veterinarian.

For more information see USDA-APHIS Guidance Documents and  UEP HPAI resources on permitting.