Proposed Bill Dictate Types of Eggs to be Sold in Iowa Grocery Stores

February 19, 2018

Proposed Iowa legislation, House Bill 623/Senate Bill 2242, would require grocery stores in the state that participate in a federal food program to make conventional eggs available to shoppers. The Bill, An Act regulating the sale of eggs by grocery stores participating in federal programs, and providing for penalties, defines conventional eggs as any eggs other than specialty eggs.

Specialty eggs are further defined to indicate housing production systems:  1) Cage-free, 2) Free-range, or 3) Enriched colony cage. Failure to carry conventional eggs can carry a penalty of up to $100/day.

This bill has received subcommittee approval in both the House and Senate, and must pass the full committee within the week, to be considered by the full Iowa legislature in 2018.  Representative Lee Hein, the bill’s sponsor, indicates the bill is necessary to ensure consumer choice. As reported by Radio Iowa, Representative Hein cited this bill as an effort to push back against animal rights groups.