Second Annual AEB-UEP Joint Conference

October 12, 2023

Over 400 American Egg Board (AEB) members, UEP and UEA members and industry stakeholders met at the second Annual Joint Executive Conference on Oct. 2-5, in Rancho Mirage, CA. UEP’s president and CEO Chad Gregory and AEB president and CEO Emily Metz began the Oct. 4 joint general session highlighting the recent industry wins, which include:

  • Managed ‘egg inflation’ media story with media, consumers and customers.
  • Responded to inquiries from FTC, White House, USDA and Congress.
  • AEB continued its 45-year legacy by participating in the White House Easter Egg Roll as an exclusive partner.
  • Secretary Vilsack spoke during UEP’s D.C. Meeting, marking the first time in UEP’s history a Secretary of Agriculture has spoken during its meetings.
  • AEB Presented FLOTUS with her Commemorative Egg.
  • Met with 93 Congressional offices during UEP’s annual legislative meetings.
  • 2023 Farmer generosity resulted in one of the largest egg donation drives in history.
  • Raised $23,000 for EGGPAC at a reception sponsored by UEA Allied during UEP’s annual legislative meetings.
  • Partnered with popular influencers to reach new consumer audiences.
  • Secured UEP Priorities in fiscal year 2024 Appropriations Bills.
  • Completed the egg industry’s lifecycle assessment (LCA) though a partnership between AEB, UEP, and Egg Industry Center (EIC).
  • Updated UEP’s Certified Cage-Free Housing Guidelines and Procedures.
  • Provided industry guidance on the current interpretations of state cage-free regulations.
  • Shifted deep-rooted consumer perceptions about eggs through relationships with Egg Enthusiasts and influencers.
  • AEB and UEP representatives testified during a Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee meeting.
  • Participated in the rulemaking process by submitting comments for the Healthy Rule.
  • Submitted comments on FDA Proposed Rule on “Healthy” Definition.
  • Opposed and helped prevent FDA from allowing unrefrigerated hatchery surplus eggs to enter the food supply.
  • AEB and UEP are engaged in advocating for sound nutrition science to support food labels as FDA is cracking down on plant-based alternatives.
  • Working on a bill with Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) and Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) to address false labeling of egg substitutes.
  • AEB launched the Eggcelerator LabTM, engaging 100 customers and initiating 25 projects.
  • UEP’s HPAI Task Force released its Biosecurity Security Resource Document.
  • AEB applied for its first Eggcelerator LabTM
  • Advocated for HPAI vaccine trials.
  • Maintained ongoing communications throughout the HPAI outbreak and provided input on critical issues facing the U.S. egg industry and UEP members.
  • Food chain outreach gained momentum, secured more than 60 customer meetings and engaged with over 200 customers.
  • Maintained working relationships with food safety agencies and created awareness of egg industry issues and needs.