Shell Egg Academy

April 22, 2021

The Shell Egg Academy (SEA) is an engagement program that originated from the 2018 Laying Hen National Needs Assessment. A stakeholder advisory board was convened and through a day-long meeting the Shell Egg Academy was courses; 1) live hen production and 2) egg processing and food safety.

SEA has been redesigned for June 2021 as a virtual education and learning experience. Through a combination of interactive Zoom classroom experiences taught by expert speakers and hands-on learning, participants are provided the latest information on egg quality and safety.  The program has been designed to be four hours of content delivered each day, striving for maximum flexibility for the participants. Virtual SEA will provide an interactive online learning experience through a Lab-In-A-Box (LAB). The LAB will involve materials needed for hands-on activities over the courses. All participants will need access to shell eggs during the courses. Closed captioning will also be available in real-time. Shell Egg Academy is open to everyone: producers, retail, food service and customers.

Participants may select either or both courses. All participants will receive the LAB box with course materials prior to the start of the academy. Because the class is virtual, participants also have the option to make a deposit or purchase a candler, which is needed for the academy. If you already have access to a candler, you may purchase the course(s) without that add-on.

The deadline to register with the candler option in the LAB box is May 7. The registration deadline for participants who do not need a candler is May 21.

To register or learn about sponsorships, please visit the new Shell Egg Academy website.