The scientists behind UEP Certified

March 18, 2021

The UEP Certified Guidelines were developed by an independent Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) comprised of veterinarians and university professors who are recognized experts in hen welfare. This committee was groundbreaking, creating a model for other animal agriculture sectors in the U.S. Using science as the primary guide, the committee worked independently, sharing their expertise and many volunteer hours to create the Animal Husbandry Guidelines for U.S. Egg-Laying Flocks in 2002. UEP Certified Cage-Free Guidelines, introduced in 2006, were among the first comprehensive cage-free standards developed for egg production.

UEP’s Producer Animal Welfare Committee works along with SAC, also providing guidance and leadership for the program. SAC serves as a sounding board, answering questions and providing expertise for continuous improvement of the program.

UEP farmer-members are honored to have this distinguished group provide its expertise and time to UEP Certified. This year, three new committee members, Dr. Janice Siegford, Dr. Dan Wilson, and Dr. Yuko Sato, joined the committee. In 2020, the UEP Board presented a challenging request to SAC. The board requested that the UEP Certified Cage-free Guidelines be updated, ensuring all relevant areas are addressed, including outcome-based measures as appropriate, and the addition of simple pullet standards. SAC will be working on these revisions throughout 2021. Thank you to the past and present Scientific Advisory Committee members who have provided invaluable direction and guidance to the United Egg Producers and UEP Certified for over 20 years.