UEP builds for the future

June 11, 2020

The 8th Annual UEP Future Leaders Conference (FLC), rescheduled to 2021, was to take place this week at Fair Oaks Farms, IN. Like previous conferences, the UEP staff had planned an amazing experience.

Egg farms were facing many daunting challenges when UEP planned the first FLC in 2013. "UEP was being defined by some as 'stuffy and old.' Committees, the Board and leadership positions were held by the same people for many years," said Chad Gregory, president and CEO. "For our industry and members to flourish, we needed to build on our past, but more importantly, create a culture that encouraged and inspired new ideas. Our organization needed young, energetic, diverse views."

UEP set the following strategic goals for the Future Leaders Conferences:

  1. Help groom the next generation of leaders for UEP member companies.
  2. Educate attendees to be informed and passionate about UEP and egg production issues. Regardless of position in a company, UEP wanted each attendee to be personally invested in the egg industry.
  3. Provide an opportunity to build relationships and create a network of colleagues.
  4. Encourage future leaders to join UEP committees and eventually serve on the UEP Board.

According to Gregory, "I am very proud to say that our goals have been achieved.  Many attendees have ‘graduated’ from being a future leader to leaders at member companies.  Many are on committees and the Board, and a few are even on the Executive Committee."

1st Annual UEP Future Leaders 2013

UEP's SVP of Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs, Oscar Garrison, has helped lead the FLC since 2013. "Seeing the future leaders grow both professionally and personally is truly amazing. The relationships forged as part of this program will continue to benefit both the participants and UEP for years to come," said Garrison.

Though the FLC will not be held this year, UEP remains committed to fostering the next group of industry leaders. Next year's Future Leaders Conference will be at Fair Oaks Farms, June 8-11, 2021.

EP builds for the future