1994 to 2024: Marking the National Egg Quality School 30th anniversary

February 29, 2024

In the 1930s, quality standards were developed to establish a common language for buying and selling of eggs. There was a need for both industry and government to uniformly apply the quality standards. Egg Schools began to develop on a regional basis to meet that need as well as educate industry on maintaining egg quality and safety, understanding the nutritional benefits of eggs, the latest processing information, and other topical issues. Later, as the industry consolidated, these regional Egg Schools began to consolidate and, in 1993, work began to establish a National Egg Quality School. Since 1994, the National Egg Quality School has trained more than 1860 students. Today, the staff leading the school come from industry, state and federal agencies and land grant institutions. With a National School mandate, National Egg Quality School has crisscrossed the United States for 30 years and brought this training to more than 16 states.

The 30th Anniversary National Egg Quality School will be held May 20 to 23, in Park City, UT, and continues the tradition of a curriculum that is designed for the serious-minded student who is willing to learn as much as possible about egg quality in a concentrated, comprehensive four days.

National Egg Quality School is excited to offer 30th Anniversary memorabilia, so stay tuned for these on its website as well as registration details for the 2024 School in Park City UT, Register - The National Egg Quality School (neqs.org). The enrollment deadline is April 1, 2024.

Paul H. Patterson, director, National Egg Quality School