2018 Animal Rights National Conference

July 25, 2018

A recent Animal Ag Alliance press release provides detailed information about the Animal Rights National Conference, held June 28 through July 1 in Los Angeles.  The report states, “Speakers at the conference made it clear that their objective is the liberation of animals, not enhancing animal welfare,” as evidenced by quotes from several speakers.  Click here to read the complete report.

Animal rights is different from animal welfare. It’s not about better cages; it’s about empty cages.” (Anita Krajnc of The Save Movement)

There is no such thing as humane slaughter.” (Michael Budkie, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!)

You cannot humanely kill something that doesn’t want to die.” (Justin Van Kleek, Triangle Chicken Advocates)

I do believe that all farming and slaughterhouses are cruel.” (Jaya Bhumitra, Animal Equality)

All farms are factory farms, no matter the size.” (Hope Bonahec, United Poultry Concerns)

If we can rescue animals, we must rescue them”….until every crate is empty, and every tank is drained.” (Simone Reyes, Social Compassion in Legislation)

We as a movement need to push the boundaries of the law.” (Jay Shooster, an attorney and writer)

Using any means necessary [to defend animals] is morally and ethically responsible.” (Dr. Jerry Vlsak, a surgeon and founder of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office)