Biosecurity Resources

Defend the Flock Resource Center – Free resources from USDA and other experts, including growers, veterinarians, state agencies, scientists and industry professionals. Checklists, resource guides, videos and other tools are available in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Tagalog.

Poultry Biosecurity, Iowa State University – Comprehensive biosecurity resources on this site include templates for documenting biosecurity practices, training videos with accompanying PowerPoint presentations and handouts and signs for poultry caretakers in English and Spanish.

Biosecurity: Escalate and Enforce – Comprehensive list of biosecurity best practice

The Importance of Containment Biosecurity from the Minnesota Emergency Disease Management Committee, February 25,2022

Biosecurity recommendations, Dr. Fidel Hegngi, Senior Staff Veterinarian at USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), presentation, January 24, 2022
Identify HPAI Introduction Risk based on the chart below










UEP Animal Health and Biosecurity Committee Considerations

See considerations, based on recent HPAI detections from the Feb. 24 committee meeting.

Biosecurity Videos

Biosecurity Practices on U.S. Egg Farms, English Video

Biosecurity Practices on U.S. Egg Farms, Spanish Video

Biosecurity Posters

Biosecurity Hazards

Is Your Farm Ready

Your Role in Biosecurity


Strong Egg Farm Biosecurity

Guidance for Hunters

APHIS – Protect Yourself and Your Birds From Avian Influenza

Feed Mill Biosecurity

Minimum Biosecurity Requirements for Feed Mill and Feed Delivery Trucks
Feed Mill Truck Disinfection Log

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