On-Farm Resources

Website:  AboutBirdFlu.com

Resources for your  community, consumers and media

Farm Worker HPAI FAQs

Guidance for On-Farm Activities In an Avian Influenza Outbreak – Guidance for possible activism, media onsite interview requests and HPAI protocol considerations.

CDC Guidance: Information for People Exposed to Birds Infected with Avian Influenza Viruses


HPAI Biosecurity

HPAI Egg Safety

HPAI Human Health

Biosecurity Videos

Biosecurity Practices on U.S. Egg Farms, English Video

Biosecurity Practices on U.S. Egg Farms, Spanish Video

Biosecurity Posters

Biosecurity Hazards

Is Your Farm Ready

Your Role in Biosecurity

Identifying HPAI-Infected Birds for posting in barns, breakrooms and other farm sites

Biosecurity Infographic

Strong Egg Farm Biosecurity Infographic


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