Area Briefings – Speakers on Egg Safety and Plant Sanitation on Agenda

August 16, 2018

Area Briefings will begin the week of August 20 with an agenda packed with relevant material and subject-matter experts.  Please plan on attending one of these important meetings, along with your company’s production, processing and sanitation managers.  This is a unique opportunity to receive the latest industry updates and network with industry experts and peers.   Click here to register.

2018 UEP Area Briefings Agenda

General Issues for Discussion

2018 Egg Recall – Lessons Learned

  • Review of Egg Plant Sanitation Study (2005)

   Dr. Deana Jones, Research Food Technologist, Egg Safety and Quality Research Unit,
   USDA Agricultural Research Service

  • Rose Acre Farms Recall Perspective

   Tony Wesner, COO of Rose Acre Farms

  • Future Research Needs – Dr. Deana Jones
  • Plant Sanitation Overview and Recommendations

   Dr. Christine Alvarado, Professor of Poultry Science, Texas A&M University 


Area Nominations to UEP Board