Direct Action Everywhere Targets Duck Farm

June 6, 2019

In an incident mirroring last year’s break-in of an egg farm, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) members broke into the Reichardt Duck farm located in Petaluma, California on June 3 of this year. Like last year, the protest was part of DxE’s annual conference, held in Berkeley, CA May 29 – June 4.

A duck slaughter facility at the location was a major target of the group. Six buses brought hundreds of protesters to the farm, with members breaking in, trespassing and stealing ducks. A total of 98 protesters were arrested. This year, law enforcement officials were prepared for the protest.  According to an article in the Press Democrat, county sheriff’s deputies and other area police mobilized as soon as buses carrying the activists headed to Sonoma County.  More than 50 officers, including some in SWAT gear, were stationed around the farm.

Overshadowing the duck farm break-in, a DxE member jumped on stage and took the microphone from Senator Kamala Harris during a forum for Democratic presidential candidates on June 2. Many of the news reports covering the protest also reported the interruption of the presidential candidates, asking if Direct Action Everywhere is too extreme.

Protect Your Farm

The DxE protest highlights the importance of consistently following high animal welfare standards, preparing in advance for emergencies, including activist rallies, and developing relationships with local officials in the event of a crisis. The UEP publication “Protect Your Farm Against Animal Activists” provides more guidance on this topic.