DxE undercover activity

June 11, 2020

The creators of Project Counterglow are affiliated with Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), and this group continues to capitalize on producer actions necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently DxE placed cameras in a hog operation capturing the depopulation technique of ventilation shutdown. The producer was aware DxE was working the area and was on alert, even providing a photo of a known activist to farms.

Unfortunately, an employee of the producer, who was described by DxE as not agreeing with the animal welfare implications of ventilation shutdown, reached out to the activist using the information provided by the swine producer, reportedly providing the DxE activist with knowledge so they could enter and record the activities. The producer noted the depopulation technique was being implemented due to the unprecedented situation involving COVID-19, which has reduced harvesting capabilities in the state of Iowa by 30%. The activist was subsequently arrested and is charged with third-degree burglary, trespass at an agriculture production facility, and electronic eavesdropping.

Recent actions by activists remind us of the importance of ensuring animal welfare, biosecurity and the security of production facilities at all times, even when focus must be put on other business activities and operations during these unprecedented times.

Decisions impacting the animals we entrust to our caretakers, along with so many other pressures, can impact a caretaker's emotional state and job satisfaction. It is critical to engage with employees, helping to ensure they, too, can cope with the disruptions and challenges placed on their family and work lives.