Future Leaders Participants Comment on the Conference

July 12, 2018

“Attending UEP's Future Leader's Conference was an incredible opportunity, and I am thankful for the many sponsors who made it possible. The exposure to real-time politics that relate to our industry was eye-opening and motivational.”

“My first time to our nation's capital was exciting and educational thanks to the great program that UEP put together. Thanks so much for this opportunity. And thanks for putting together a great program for future leaders.”

“Great networking opportunity while better understanding the political processes state representatives and government departments must handle.”

“This event introduced the young leaders to the basics of one of the three branches of government. I'm looking forward to returning in May with the ‘old folks’.”

“Demystifying some of the government's departments, such as FDA, USDA, and EPA makes them less intimidating, as well as directly connecting with our legislative representatives. This offers the opportunity to be more engaged in the process. The icing on the cake is relationship building with peers in the industry.”

“Great time to network with fellow futures and learn more about governmental oversight and pro-Ag representatives.”

“Experiencing the government relations within the egg industry firsthand was both interesting and informative!”

Thank You, Sponsors, for Supporting UEP’s Future Leaders!