Important Updates to the UEP Certified Program

February 21, 2019

The welfare of hens is the heart of UEP Certified, and UEP recognizes Program Participants are always working to ensure great welfare for the hens in their care. We want to validate that appropriate and swift action is taken in the extremely rare event that abuse occurs.

During the February 2019 UEP meeting, the UEP Board voted to expand the Program’s review of and consequences in the event of a willful act of abuse or neglect. Credible evidence will now be reviewed by the Corrective Action Committee. This committee will work with a Program Participant to ensure any corrective action is implemented or appropriate consequences applied, up to and including revoking UEP Certified status.

Additional focus will also be placed on personnel and training. Starting in 2020, points will be awarded for areas that have been proven to improve welfare outcomes, including producer self-assessment and designated personnel to oversee hen welfare. Details of these changes will be sent to the Program Participant Administrator.