Industry News 1/9/20

January 9, 2020

Southern California VND outbreak increasing,” reports on new cases from backyard flocks, from Feedstuffs.

About 300,000 hens were killed in a fire at a Michigan egg farm,” from CNN.

Egg-Tech prize winner Pedro Gomez explains the technology being used by the Orbern team in  “Accelerated MRI technology could sex chicks in ovo,” from WattAg.

Dust suppression testing in cage-free housing is reported in “Suppressing dust in cage-free henhouse with the sprinkling system,” from

The Food Safety Modernization for Innovative Technologies Act, introduced in December is outlined in “Bill would give USDA, FDA legal oversight over lab-grown meat,” from WattAG.

UEP Member David Will is featured in “10 memorable poultry, feed industry quotes from 2019,” from WattAG.

Senate committee approves USMCA trade deal, timing of full Senate vote uncertain,” from Fox Business.

The HuffPost reports on an employee fired by the League Against Cruel Sports and claiming he was unfairly dismissed due to his vegan agenda in “Ethical Vegan’s Beliefs Deserve To Be Protected Just Like Religious Beliefs: U.K. Judge.”