Industry News 10/21/21

October 21, 2021

Global Vulnerability To Emerging Diseases Of Livestock,” discussed the enormous impact of disease on animal health and the food supply from Forbes.


UEP President Chad Gregory is featured in “Assuring Future of Egg Industry,” from Agri-Marketing Magazine.

Several members of the House Agriculture Committee on livestock issues sent a message to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and FDA Acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock in “Vilsack working with FDA on animal biotechnology,” from Feedstuffs.

Food Safety and Inspection Service announced a more comprehensive plan to reduce Salmonella in USDA Launches New Effort to Reduce Salmonella Illnesses Linked to Poultry.

The World Health Organization has asked China authorities to increase surveillance in “Concerns raised over spike in human avian flu cases in Asia,” from WattAg.

Controls include post-hatch testing, Salmonella Enteritidis plans, lab testing and verification visits in “New Zealand tightens rules to tackle Salmonella in chickens and eggs,” from Food Safety News.