Industry News 10/24/19

October 24, 2019

Michigan Farm Bureau provides an overview of several animal welfare bills, including hen housing standards, in “Animal industry law updates progress in Legislature.”

The California Department of Food & Agriculture declares no new positive detections since early September in “California moves VND response to 'Freedom of Disease' phase,” from Feedstuffs.

In “Animal Welfare in Perspective,” Dr. Jose Linares, a former member of UEP’s Scientific Advisory Committee, provides a thoughtful assessment of animal welfare as it relates to pork, chicken and egg production.

Cal-Maine Foods to acquire Mahard Egg Farm assets,” published in WattAg.

"Rose Acre facility redesign emphasizes food safety,” was published in WattAG Egg Industry News.“

FDA Launches the FDA-TRACK: Food Safety Dashboard to Track FSMA Progress,” provides details on an FDA dashboard designed to track the impact of the seven foundational rules of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) wants the FDA to recall all uncooked Impossible burgers in grocery stores in the U.S. inGroup wants FDA to act against alleged illegal sales of Impossible Burgers,” from Food Safety News