Industry news 11/19/20

November 19, 2020

After UEP and other farm and food industry groups requested more time for comments, “FDA Signals that it Intends to Extend Comment Period for the Food Traceability Information Collection Provisions.”

Food groups strongly support essential workers be among the first groups vaccinated in “Industry seeks COVID-19 vaccination priority for food, ag workers,” from Feedstuffs.

American Egg Board “Gift of Eggs” Holiday Campaign Celebrates What Really Matters This Season,” with a humorous reminder of the holiday memories that can be created with a dozen eggs. The 15-second spots are titled “Giant Bow” and “Proposal.”

In a recent blog post, Dr. Jason Lusk comments on the introduction of Chipotle’s “Real Footprint” tracker which provides carbon, water, and soil metrics for individual meals on its app, allowing consumers to compare products. Lusk also comments on the challenges in understanding food labeling as it relates to sustainability.

How to identify and act upon egg abnormalities,” identifies the reasons for imperfect eggs and actions that can be taken from Poultry World.

A recently published study,” Operant learning is disrupted when opioid reward pathways are blocked in the domesticated hen,” helps understand what allows hens to learn quickly. Reward is proposed to involve one of two different pathways dopamine (wanting) or opioid (liking). The researchers blocked the ability of opioids to work in the hens while a control group received saline. The researchers found the hens given the treatment were unable to learn the new tasks. Though further examination is needed, this research provides a better understanding of hen welfare.