Industry news 3/12/20

March 12, 2020

An alternative to the Farm Workforce Modernization Act (FWMA) is proposed in “Rep. Yoho offers new solution to ag labor crisis,” from Feedstuffs. Meanwhile, House sponsors and ag groups supporting the FWMA are asking for Senate support in “Calls made for Senate to take up ag workforce bill.”

No injuries were reported in “Michael Foods loses building, hens in fire,” published in WattAg and several local publications.

Ohio grants permits for new Cooper Farms egg facility,” that will house 4 million hens from WattAG.

The American Egg Board issuedNew Made With Real Eggs® Seal Ensures Authenticity and Increase Values for Food Manufacturers and Restaurants.”  AEB will hold a webinar outlining “Made with REAL Eggs®” opportunities for producers and allied industry on Wednesday, April 8. Register to receive an invitation.

A new Harvard study updates findings published over 20 years ago, and reinforces that eating eggs is not associated with cardiovascular disease. Read a summary of the study, “According to New Harvard Study: An Egg a Day Not Associated with Cardiovascular Disease Risk,” from the Egg Nutrition Center.

U.S. using less water for livestock than in 1960,” provides the results of a University of Nebraska study that confirms the reduction in water usage for livestock and egg production.

Funded through private gifts, “Iowa State dedicates poultry teaching, research farm,” from Feedstuffs.

Farm biosecurity bill introduced in Canada,” makes it unlawful to enter a farm without authority under Canada’s Health of Animals Act.

An update on HPAI in Taiwan, Bulgaria and other countries is reported in "Three avian flu virus types in Taiwan's poultry," in WattAg.