Industry News 3/4/21

March 4, 2021

Tom Vilsack, the new U.S. secretary of agriculture, is quoted in “Vilsack promises timely review of CFAP,” and “Vilsack pushes for new farm income streams,” from Feedstuffs.

Avian flu continues to spread in poultry flocks overseas as reported in “Europe registers more than 1,000 avian flu outbreaks,” and “Avian flu impacts poultry farming in four Asian states,” from WattAg. In related news, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the “Risk of human spread of H5N8 bird flu deemed low – WHO,” after seven people in Russia were found to be infected with H5N8, published in Yahoo! News.

The USDA, FDA and CDC issued a statement on February 18, re-confirming there is no epidemiologic and scientific information indicating the transmission of COVID-19 through food or food packaging.

Boar’s Head is accused of deceptive advertising in “Animal Welfare Institute Challenges Boar’s Head Before FTC,” in

Factors affecting eggs laid outside of the nest in cage-free systems are presented in “Understanding nesting behavior: Managing for fewer floor eggs in layers,” from the Poultry Site.

Nation’s Restaurant News reports “The breakfast daypart is reawakening,” as restaurants expand their breakfast menus and accommodate later arriving customers.


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