Industry News 6/27/19

June 27, 2019

Struggles Exist in Cage-Free Egg Transition,” published in Feedstuffs, quotes UEP President Chad Gregory and J.T. Dean, the Chairman of the Animal Welfare Committee. This same topic was covered in the AgriPulse article “Egg industry struggles to meet ‘cage-free’ demands,” which also quoted Gregory, and “To meet cage-free pledges, industry will need to grow 3 times faster,” in WattAg.

The Animal Ag Alliance reports activist groups are encouraging followers to increase surveillance of farms, including taking pictures and videos from public property.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is hiring "Field Observers." They are seeking applicants who want to "conduct eyewitness investigations at facilities that use, exploit and kill animals for food, clothing, entertainment and experimentation."

Welfare Crisis: Prepare and respond,” outlines a case study involving a PETA attack against a New York dairy.

No new cases of Newcastle have been confirmed since June 4 in “Virulent Newcastle disease in California at a standstill,” from WattAg.

The CDC reports a 400% increase in confirmed illnesses in “Salmonella patient count skyrockets; CDC says backyard flocks dangerous,” from Food Safety News.

Australian egg Salmonella outbreak a ‘learning experience,’” from Food Safety News is about the government and industry response to Salmonella enteritidis outbreaks this year.

Oscar Garrison, SVP of Food Safety Regulatory Affairs, is quoted about the need for affordable software in “Documentation is key to proving hazard control,published in Food Engineering. 

Two recent articles discuss gene editing in chickens to stop the spread of disease. “Study: Gene editing can control avian influenza,” was published in WattAg. Disease-resistant poultry? Study identifies virus-resilient genes in specific chicken breeds,” outlines scientists’ findings about genes that can help chickens survive Newcastle disease, published in FoodIngredientsFirst.

The 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee will hold two meetings to obtain public input on new dietary guidelines, as explained in this Food Safety News article.

Bill for Safe Food Act seeks to consolidate federal oversight,” discusses Representative Rosa DeLauro  and Senator Dick Durbin’s continued quest to move food safety under one government agency.

 Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch breaks ground in Pennsylvania,” was published in Feedstuffs.

UEP Board member Roger Deffner wrote “Egg Farming in America,” as a guest blogger on the Egg Nutrition Center website.

Guest commentary: How one woman broke into egg industry,” is Jo Manhart’s, from the Missouri Egg Council, account of her career in the egg industry.