Industry News 7/26/18

July 26, 2018

"Billions in trade aid for farmers coming soon," covers the Trump Administration’s plan to aid farmers impacted by the trade wars and also discusses Senate selections for the farm bill conference committee.

Harvard Health reports “Eggs might help your heart, not harm it,” reports on two recent studies that found eggs may protect against heart disease. More news on the health benefits of eggs was reported in a study conducted in Ecuador in “Eggs confirmed as crucial tool for infant development.”  The study found infants were less likely to be underweight when one egg a day was added to their diet.

Poultry-related problems in Europe continue as reported in “Newcastle disease hits nearly 58,000 birds in Belgium,” from Watt AG.

The former CEO of the Humane Society of the United States return to the animal welfare movement is reported in “The Return of Wayne Pacelle,” in NonProfit Chronicles.

Food and Wine reports, “We want free range eggs right up to the point of buying them.”

A restaurant owner cited, “An egg belongs to the hen who made it. She worked really hard to make it. We didn’t,” in “California Waffle Company Ditches “Free Range Eggs to go Vegan,” published in VegNews

JUST, formerly Hampton Creek and the inventors of Just Egg, have signed a deal with Eurovo to bring Just Egg to Europe.  In a released statement Eurovo Group President said, “Balancing modernity and tradition while embracing changing consumer preferences and reducing our environmental footprint is a cornerstone of our business, and this relationship ensures that this approach will continue.”  Read the complete article “JUST partners with European egg leader for manufacture and distribution,” published in Food Dive.