Industry News 9/19/19

September 19, 2019

Industry News

USDA confirms additional case of virulent Newcastle Disease,” is from WattAg.  A complete list of vND confirmed positive premises is available on the APHIS website.

Tim Lambert, chief executive of Egg Farmers of Canada, is featured in “Two years making a difference in the egg industry,” from Poultry World. Lambert is on the Corporate Social Responsibility panel at UEP’s Annual Meeting in October.

UEP Members “Stephen, Greg and Herb Herbruck awarded 2019 MABA ‘Leaders and Legends’ Award,” by the Michigan Agri-Business Association.

An ABC TV station reports “Don't kiss chickens, CDC warns during salmonella outbreak,”  based on the  CDC Investigation Notice reporting over 1000 people infected from Salmonella linked to backyard poultry.

First announced in 2014, Chick-fil-A reached its goal of “No Antibiotics Ever,” in all its stores in May.

USPOULTRY is offering a new training module for inline egg washing.  The module includes justification for washing and the operational requirements to control pathogens.  The egg washing module complements the previously released module on egg refrigeration requirements and is recommended to orient and train supervisors and workers in egg packing plants.

Feedstuffs reports on a study by the University of Missouri on social cause marketing inStudy: Restaurants’ animal welfare stances ineffective.”

Meatless burgers sizzle up interest . . . and some doubts,” discusses the full-page ads in the Wall Street Journal and New York Post about plant-based meats, placed by the Center for Consumer Freedom.