Industry News 9/9/21

September 9, 2021

A researcher at NRS Poultry Sustainability and Transformation discusses genetic engineering technology in “Can gene editing fix the male layer chick dilemma?” from

"Lawsuits Over 'Misleading' Food Labels Surge as Groups Cite Lax U.S. Oversight," was widely circulated on major media outlets, including The New York Times and Yahoo! News. The article describes the mounting legal activism as class action lawsuits against food and beverage companies for deceptive marketing are hitting a  record high. In a related story “D.C. appeals court empowers consumer nonprofits in Hormel false ad case,” from Reuters.

Versova family of companies acquires Thompson, Iowa, egg farm,” was published by

The company states it fully supports the prosecution of former employees on an undercover video in "Plainville Farms responds to PETA turkey abuse allegations," reported by WattAg.

Extreme activist groups like Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) continue deceptive practices as illustrated in “Newsmax tricked into interviewing animal rights activist posing as Tyson Foods CEO.” This past December, Fox News was also “punked” by the same DxE employee.  This incident serves as a reminder to always be aware of the potential actions of extremist groups and be cautious about requests for information or interviews.

Researchers at the University of Georgia analyzed over 30,000 genomes of Salmonella Enteritidis over five decades in “Evidence of study suggests source of pandemic foodborne illness.”