Make a difference in Washington, D.C.

August 6, 2020

EGGPAC, the political action committee of the egg and egg products industry, facilitates access to elected officials and agencies that are vital to the success of egg production.

UEP members, UEA Further Processor members, UEA Allied members, state egg associations, and UEP valued partners all benefit from EGGPAC. By pooling resources, the industry can have a more powerful voice to make a positive impact on the issues that affect egg production.

Egg farmers, processors, and industry stakeholders are represented by professionals from top-flight firms with deep expertise in animal agriculture, food safety, and environmental issues. Louie Perry from Cornerstone Government Affairs, Randy Green from Watson Green, LLC and Tom Hebert from the Bayard Ridge Group do an amazing job leveraging your EGGPAC contributions.

This outstanding government relations team continues to promote many issues, including:

  • Supporting increased funding for animal health response and prevention
  • Lobbying USDA to purchase eggs and egg products
  • Working with other barnyard groups to demand that FDA enforce its own rules and crackdown on deceptive marketing by plant-based egg imitators
  • Supporting the creation of a new Clean Water Act rulemaking and active involvement in “Farmers for a Sustainable Future,” which has provided Congress with sustainability “principles” intended to guide its deliberations on policies involving mitigating the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Click here for the contribution form to pay by credit card, personal check, or LLC/LLP by September 30.