Member and Staff News 3/8/18

March 8, 2018

Congratulations to the following UEP and UEA members who have been appointed to the American Egg Board:  Karyn Kreher, Paul Sauder, Christopher Pierce, Charles (Jeff) Hardin, Alex Simpson, John Watson III, Thomas Stoller, Tim Vande Bunte, Robert Gornichec, Amos Baer, Andrew Seger, Steve George, Blair Van Zetten, Brent Nelson, Michael Sencer, Clint Hickman, Mark Oldenkamp, and Roger Deffner.  Read the USDA press release here.

Rose Acre Farms has helped served an estimated one million needy families with the latest donation of 3,600 dozen eggs to the St. Vincent de Paul food Pantry in Indianapolis on March 5, “Rose Acres Farms Donates 3,600 Dozen Eggs To Needy Families.

Chad Gregory, UEP President, spoke to the Pacific Egg and Poultry Association on February 27 about animal welfare and other challenges both inside and outside of California. Hinda Mitchell, UEP PR Consultant, also spoke at this conference.

Oscar Garrison, UEP SVP of Food Safety Regulatory Affairs, spoke at a meeting of the National Egg Regulatory Officials on February 27 in Seattle.