Must Read New 1/25/18

January 25, 2018

A variety of egg and poultry topics were covered by a wide range of media outlets recently.

Politico provides ongoing updates on the development of the new Farm Bill.   An articles this week focused on the cost:  “Conaway awaits farm bill price tag.”  An editorial in Ag Week “Farm bill provisions for food animal disease prevention are priorities for MN farmers” mirrors UEP’s support of the proposal by the Animal Ag Coalition for a livestock, poultry and egg pest and disease program and a FMD vaccine bank.

Panera asks FDA to define an 'egg' in a swipe at competitors' breakfast sandwiches,” from CNCB is one of the many stories appearing in mainstream media last week after Panera’s request to the FDA to define an egg.

Widespread coverage continues on the withdrawal of the Organic Rule, fueled by a full-page ad in the Washington Post by companies in the organic food space, “Organic Valley, Whole Foods, and Others Blast USDA for Not Instituting Better Organic Regulations” and “Should 'USDA Organic' seal require better animal welfare standards? Farm industry is divided.”

Ise Inc. to enter the Indian egg industry,” was featured recently in Wattag.