New Shell Egg Requirements for Export to Puerto Rico

June 27, 2019

The instructions for Shipments to Puerto Rico have been posted on the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) website. There are a few changes Puerto Rico (PR) has requested and incorporated into their local regulations.

  • PR will now require 45-day “Use by” dating on case labels, individual packages and flats of loose eggs
  • Code dating on case labels, cartons, and other packages must use Julian dating
  • There is a note (mostly for industry notification) that PR will not accept state certifications as substitutes for AMS grading
  • For Brown Eggs, PR wants to stop using red ink and begin using dark blue or black to make it more visible on a brown shell.

For all of these changes EXCEPT the ink change, the implementation date will be for eggs produced on or after July 1, 2019.

It is AMS’s understanding that changing ink colors for brown eggs may take longer to order new ink, get approvals, or exhaust current ink supply. Although there has not been an exact date set yet for this change, producers should immediately begin making arrangements and start using blue/black ink on brown eggs as soon as practical during this transition period. AMS will send a notice when a formal date has been set for the ink conversion.  Visit the AMS website for the announcement.