New UEP Certified training videos now available

July 13, 2022

The new UEP Certified training is available on the UEP Certified portal. Presented in a series of 9 videos, the content was developed by hen caregivers and topic specialists. Segments range from 6 to 17 minutes and total slightly over 90 minutes. UEP’s Vice President of Animal Welfare, Dr. Larry Sadler, recommends caregivers watch one video each week to optimize learning and retention.

  • Introduction to UEP and UEP Certified
  • What is Hen Welfare?
  • Assessing Behavior & Clinical Signs During Hen Checks
  • Audits
  • Housing
  • Proper Handling of Hens, Pullets, and Chicks
  • Transport of Hens, Pullets, and Chicks
  • Molting
  • Cervical Dislocation

Similar to the old video, the new videos must be viewed annually for UEP Certification by all caregivers and those who spend time around hens. The new training videos will be available through the Portal, under the “Training” section. A new user type, “Training,” has been created to access the videos. Program Participant Administrators can create and manage this new user type.