Over 600 Omelets Served on Capitol Hill

May 23, 2019

Omelet Chefs (L to R): Ross Dean, Josh Crabb, Carlos Putnam, Sherry Shedd, Louise Schimmel, Gijs Schimmel

UEP farmer-members, staff and allied industry representatives served 636 omelets to Congressional representatives and staff on May 16 in the House Ag Committee chambers of the Longworth Building!

Thank you to the large number of members, allied industry and staff who cooked made-to-order omelets and coached attendees to make their own omelet.


Scott Yowell and Representative Collin Peterson

Paul Kalmbach, Jr., Rep. Latta, Matt Dean, Josh Evers


UEP Reception

L to R: Hunt Shipman (Cornerstone), Chad Gregory, Louie Perry

L to R: Wolf Wittke, Sandra Lausecker, Sherman Miller, Jim Chakeres, Anne Alonzo