Participants Comment About the Future Leaders Conference

June 27, 2019

Thank you Future Leaders Conference sponsors! Here comments from the attendees:

This was truly an amazing 3 days of learning, problem-solving, and team building. An opportunity that all future egg industry leaders should take advantage of. So grateful to all the sponsors and staff who support and believe in all of us!”

Well organized and extremely fun opportunity to learn and network within the industry, building foundations for life-long relationships.”

Growing as leaders is an important key to success in our industry, and FL provides a unique experience that facilitates breaking down barriers and fast tracks relationship building that is crucial in our industry.”

An eggnormous thank you to all the sponsors that helped this future leader conference happen. Gained friends and skills that will last a lifetime.”

Working closely with the egg industry's leading representatives provided a better understanding of key issues we face today, possible solutions to attack these issues, and how to best work with others based on their color temperatures.”