Public Relations 2018

February 21, 2019

UEP continues to foster strong media relations and be a relevant voice for regulatory, legislative and other industry issues.  Below is a brief overview of UEP’s public relations in 2018 as presented in the Atlanta meetings by UEP’s Director of Communications Kathy Bryan and PR Consultant Hinda Mitchell.    Click here for a detailed 2018 Public Relations Report.

In 2018 UEP received coverage in 37 national mainstream outlets, 11 specialty (food, health) outlets and seven farm, poultry and ag trade publications.  UEP’s staff and Washington team provided information and comments for regulatory and legislative issues including CERCLA-EPCRA, WOTUS, the farm bill and HPAI indemnity.  UEP joined forces with the National Turkey Federation, National Chicken Council, U.S. Poultry & Egg Association and other barnyard groups to publicize several issues affecting the egg industry.

Several videos debuted on UEP websites and social media channels.  In total, the videos received 18,384 video views with over 8,000 viewing minutes.

Biosecurity (Spanish also available)

Environmental Responsibility

U.S. Egg Farmers

Safe Nutritious Eggs

Food Safety and Disease Prevention

When viewing the videos please like UEP’s YouTube channel!

Website visitors increased on the and websites and traffic almost doubled on the Egg Safety Center site. On social media, the Twitter account @UnitedEggProd was re-introduced in March and followers increased from 234 to 1,171.  There was also growth in followers and engagement on the UEP Certified and Egg Safety Facebook and Twitter channels.