Remain Vigilant Against Animal Activists’ Attacks

September 19, 2019

Verify Those Coming on to Your Farm

Animal activists are seizing on opportunities to misrepresent themselves as government workers. In two separate incidents, persons stated they were a census worker or a  USDA employee, to gain access to farms. Though neither instance involved poultry, these examples serve as a reminder to verify anyone that shows up unexpectedly at a farm.

Animal Ag Alliance tips for verifying the identity of visitors:

  • The gov website lists how to identify a Census worker.
  • Ask the visitor or caller for the regulatory agency they work for and their supervisor’s name. If they answer the questions, contact that agency with the publicly listed phone number to verify the identity.
  • If you cannot verify the identity of a visitor, ask them to leave and contact law enforcement if they do not. Report the incident to the agency they are misrepresenting and contact your FBI local field office.

Animal Liberation Conference

The yearly Animal Liberation conference will occur September 28 - October 1 in Berkley, CA. Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) has used this conference the last two years to gather hundreds of individuals to stage protests and to break into farms. On September 22, DxE will be conducting “Chicken Rescue Training.” As always, remain vigilant and ready. For tips and guidance see the UEP publication Protect Your Farm Against Animal Activists.