UEP Certified audit update

May 21, 2020

The Desk Audit Subcommittee met earlier this month to discuss audits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the importance of safety for both farm personnel and auditors, and the increased demands placed on egg producers, the committee determined that desk audits will be conducted for the remainder of this year. The Board supported this decision during its May 11 meeting.

Auditing firms will immediately begin conducting audits, with scheduling following the standard procedures, including the auditor reaching out to the Program Participant seven days before the audit. Desk Audit procedures, initially developed in 2015, have been updated and improved since.

Program Participants can ensure they are ready for these modified audits by reviewing the most recent version of the Procedures (pages: 9, 10, 62, 63), available on the Portal under the Resource tab. Program Participants should also ask any questions when the auditor calls to schedule their audit, to ensure they understand the implications and process for a successful desk audit.