UEP Certified program changes

January 23, 2020

The 2020 UEP Certified cycle has begun. Audit preferences are due January 29. The new online management tool is proving to be a success with nearly one-fourth of UEP Certified companies submitting audit preferences the first day it was available, and more than 33% having already submitted their preferences.

UEP Certified has a few key updates, all of which were announced in 2019 or earlier. Updated documents are available in the online portal, including the 2020 Procedures and Audit Checklists.

  • Cage-free layers are required to have 6” of perch per hen.
  • A written policy for handling loose hens should be in place.
  • The Code of Conduct has been updated. All employees working with, or around, live hens should be trained and sign the updated document.
  • The Program Participant should have an established process for reporting animal abuse.
  • Caretakers should be able to generally convey the company’s zero-tolerance policy for willful acts of abuse and know how to report the abuse.
  • The Program Participant should have someone designated to oversee hen welfare.
  • The Program Participant should conduct an internal assessment of the facility, hens, caretakers, and procedures, at least annually.

If you choose to have a hard copy of your UEP Certified Certificate mailed, it will be sent the month after all necessary audits are successfully completed.