UEP Certified Updates

November 5, 2020

Based on the recommendations of the Animal Welfare Committee, the UEP Board voted to update the UEP Certified Procedures in two areas impacting the cage-free standards.

Space under tiers: UEP procedures will be updated to align with American Humane’s standards. The space under the tiers standard will be adjusted from 19.2” to 17.6”. Additionally, an outcome-based assessment is now allowed.

Use of shock wires:  Currently not addressed by UEP Certified, the 2021 UEP Certified Procedures will include, “Where used, shock wires (such as along the borders, including partitions) must be set to cause no more than momentary and minor discomfort to the birds.”

Specific details regarding these two updates will be forthcoming in the next few weeks and communicated directly to the Primary UEP Certified contact and Program Participant Administrator.